The Sidekick Phone is Back as a Fashion Accessory

The turn of the century set the scene for a technological revolution. You know, flying cars, teleportation, and intelligent robots to complete our mundane, daily tasks. While the latter is true, care of Roomba, the year 2000 instead ushered in the iconic Y2K fashion era. This included off-the-shoulder tops, low-rise jeans, and ground-breaking gadgets like the Nokia 7600 and the Motorola RAZR. But the best of the bunch was easily the Sidekick phone.


Produced by three former Apple employees Andy Rubin, Matt Hershenson, and Joe Britt, the Sidekick debuted under the T-Mobile carrier in 2002. The aim was to create an end to end wireless Internet solution focused on affordability and great user experience.” The result was a miniature computer with a sliding QWERTY keyboard to boot! Also known as the Danger Hiptop, the Sidekick phone could be fastened onto the hip for easy access. The handheld device additionally provided real-time email and instant messaging, meaning there was no need to run home on MSN or AIM to message your crush. Later versions even came with a camera!


Although the Sidekick wasn’t the first smartphone, it quickly popularised the concept of mobile internet. A concept that is ubiquitous with all smartphones today. For this reason, everybody owned a Sidekick. The Sidekick was sported as an alternative fashion accessory in urban communities and by Beverly Hill celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It appeared in music videos, commercials, and other marketing campaigns. It was hip. It was functional. It was now. The Sidekick successfully combined the worlds of style and technology to become “a sleek status symbol for youth culture.”


Today, the cult classic mobile phone is immortalised by the woman-owned boutique, Bass Bae XO. As part of the Lively collection, the QWERTY Slide-Phone crossbody bag brings out cool and self-assured confidence in the modern woman. Arriving in three eye-catching colour ways, including Holo Silver, Candy Pink, and Glossy Black, the unique purses have an adjustable front that displays the iconic QWERTY keyboard. A matching RHINESTONE ICY BEAR keychain is included with every bag to show off your sparkle!


Shop online now at Bass Bae XO.


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